Jewelry | Gallery 30 in Gettysburg, PA


Visit Gallery 30 in Gettysburg and you’ll be delighted by our extensive collection of mosaic, traditional, industrial, botanical and distinctive jewelry styles. Each piece shares the common threads of superb quality, rich creativity and exceptional detail.
Local Jewelry Designers
In keeping with our desire to promote local artisans, several of our jewelry designers are based right here in Pennsylvania. The delightful designs of Deb Brilla’s Wanna Buy a Watch jewelry line combine watch parts, die stampings, and other industrial components with semi-precious stones and crystals. Another hand-crafted in Pennsylvania jewelry collection plays with gorgeous palettes of colored sea glass. This delicate jewelry is feminine and sleek, accentuating the soft beauty of the glass.
American Jewelry Designers
Gallery 30 in Gettysburg is pleased to feature the acclaimed Rhode Island jewelry designer John Medeiros. Designing for more than 20 years, John’s distinctive two-toned jewelry is both elegant and timeless. We also love the sparkling Swarovski crystal of Firefly Jewelry. Firefly’s intricate mosaic style is sophisticated and fun. Their bold and brilliant color combinations enable their pieces to complement any outfit. A new favorite at Gallery 30 is Connecticut artist Michael Michaud. Michael’s love of nature inspired him to create a stunning jewelry collection that captures the delicate beauty of plants using metal, pearls, and semi-precious stones.
Historic Roman Glass
We also have an exceptional collection of Roman glass jewelry with amazing historic significance. These glass pieces were excavated from archaeological digs at ancient city sites in Israel. It takes thousands of years for Roman glass to become weathered with the layers of patina that give each piece its unique iridescent luster. They are truly beautiful.

Our master jewelry designers create one-of-a-kind pieces that will make you feel exquisite.