Metro the Painting Racehorse | Gallery 30, in Gettysburg, PA

Metro Meteor

Metro Meteor & Gallery 30
Gallery 30 represented Metro the Painting Racehorse from 2012 to 2016. Once considered one of the fastest sprinters on the east coast, Metro Meteor won eight races and more than $300,000 at Belmont and Saratoga, until crippling knee injuries ended his racing career.

In 2009, Gettysburg artist Ron Krajewski adopted Metro off the track and taught Metro how to hold a paint brush in his mouth.
Miraculously, Metro began to paint. He splashed big, colorful brush strokes on the canvas. “Metro's first painting looked as if it was done by horse,” Krajewski said. “But his second one was pretty good.” Word of Metro’s talent spread, and soon Metro quickly became one of Gallery 30’s most celebrated artists.

As of July 2015, Metro had raised over $80,000 for the charity.