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Metro the Painting Horse

Looking for ways to keep a retired racehorse with bad knees active, Gettysburg artist Ron Krajewski taught Metro Meteor to hold a paint brush in his mouth. Now the horse is raising money for others just like him. See what Metro and his mentor are up to these days in this June 2014 video story from msn.com and in the June 30, 2014, print edition of People magazine. (In case you missed it, here’s a September 2013 story from Good Morning America.)

also showing in the gallery

Henry Spangler Farm by Charles Joyce

Charles Joyce
Henry Spangler Farm
oil, 15˜ x 30˜

November 1863 by Rich Thompson

Rich Thompson
November 1863
acrylic, 12˜x 16˜

Spring Drama by David Lussier

David Lussier
Spring Drama
oil, 10˜ x 10˜

Cottage Roses by Pam Lussier

Pam Lussier
Cottage Roses
oil, 9˜ x 12˜

Little Round Top by Jonathan Frazier

Jonathan Frazier
Little Round Top
oil, 30˜ x 24˜

Early Spring by Jim Camann

Jim Camann
Early Spring
acrylic, 20˜ x 16˜

Leister Barn by Harold Miller

Harold Miller
Leister Barn
oil, 13" x 12"

300 Acres by Nancy Wallace

Nancy Wallace
300 Acres
oil, 14˜ x 11˜

Lincoln Station by Richard Whiteley

Richard Whiteley
Lincoln Station
acrylic, 12˜ x 9˜

Station Sundown by Jonathan Frazier

Jonathan Frazier
Station Sundown
oil, 20˜ x 16˜

Lincoln Train Station by Nancy Wallace

Nancy Wallace
Lincoln Train Station
oil, 18˜ x 12˜

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